[Gluster Dynamic Provisioner ] “glusterfs: failed to get endpoints..” , Do I need to create an endpont/service ?

Let me give more details about the endpoints or service wrt GlusterFS plugin in Kubernetes or Openshift. GlusterFS plugin is designed in such a way that it need a mandatory parameter ‘endpoint’ in its spec. Endpoint is same instance of api.endpoint in kube/openshift, ie it need IP addresses. In gluster plugin, we carry IP address […]

Support for “Volume Types” option in Kubernetes GlusterFS dynamic provisioner.

Till now, there was no option to specify various volume types and specifications of the dynamically provisioned volumes in GlusterFS provisioner in Kubernetes or Openshift. This functionality has been added some time back to Kubernetes upstream and now a kubernetes/Openshift admin can choose the volume and its specification like volume types in Storage Class parameter. […]