A vdsm hook ( macbind) to attach given mac address to a different bridge or openvswitch bridge .

It seemed to be a requirement to attach a VM nic to a different bridge than the currently defined bridge.

Also, ovirt is not compatible with openvswitch to pick those bridges and attach a vm nic.

I have written a vdsm hook which will help you to achieve this.

The functionality has been pushed to upstream via


I would recommend you to go through README file in above. How-ever here it is :



macaddress: specify a macaddress which need to be attached to the VM
brName : Bridge Name available in hypervisor
portType : This have to either ‘ovs’ or ‘lb’ or ”

For ex:

macbind= 00:1a:4a:41:d2:5f-ovsbr0-ovs,00:1a:4a:41:d2:b8-br88-lb

* Use the engine-config to append the appropriate custom property as such:
sudo engine-config -s UserDefinedVMProperties=
‘previousProperties;macbind=^.*$’ –cver=3.2

* Verify that the macbind custom property was properly added:
sudo engine-config -g UserDefinedVMProperties

In the VM configuration window, open the custom properites tab
and add macbind=

NOTE: Live migration is **not** tested.

You can mention these values as given in the image.


Once you do that when you run a VM, the specified mac addresses will be bounded to the bridges you mentioned.

If it is openvwitch (ovs’ as portType ) it will add extra xml entries into VMs xml file. You should make sure those bridges are present in your hypervisor.

if you specified ‘ovs’ as portType or 3 rd arg:

If you specify ‘lb’ or ” as portType:
The given bridge will be replaced with current bridge:

Please let me know your feedback !!

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