[Alpha] GlusterFS CSI ( Container Storage Interface) Driver for Container Orchestrators!

Every Container or Cloud space storage vendor wants a standard interface for a unbiased solution development which then will not require them to have a non-trivial testing matrix .

“Container Storage Interface” (CSI) is a proposed new Industry standard for cluster-wide volume plugins. CSI will enable storage vendors (SP) to develop a plugin once and have it work across a number of container orchestration (CO) systems.

The latest kubernetes release 1.9 has rolled out an alpha implementation of the Container Storage Interface (CSI) which makes installing new volume plugins as easy as deploying a pod. It also enables third-party storage providers to develop solutions without the need to add to the core Kubernetes codebase.

This blog is about GlusterFS CSI driver which is capable of creating/deleting volumes dynamically and mount/unmount whenever there is a request. I will explain about the deployment parts later. For now, I have compiled (github.com/humblec/drivers/commit/452e76c623c96b7222599ea94bb7e809f03b156c) and set the deployment of kubernetes ready for GlusterFS CSI driver in my setup.

What I have:

*) Kubernetes cluster with required feature gates enabled
*) Running CSI helpers for kubernetes.

To demonstrate how GlusterFS CSI driver works, let us follow the same workflow of dynamically provisioned PVs starting from creation of a storageclass. Please note the provisioner parameter in below storage class file. It point to csi glusterfs plugin.

Once the storage class is created, let us create a claim, this claim point to storageclass called glusterfscsi.

As soon as you make a request to create the claim, the gluster csi driver received the request and created a PV object as you can see here:

As an excited user/admin, examine the details of PVC and PV as shown below:


Above outputs shows that, the PV object is created by the Gluster CSI driver!

Let us create a pod with this claim and see the mount works.

Create the pod and check mount

Cooool? Isnt it, when you delete the pod, it unmounts the volume as expected.

PS # I will write about the deployment and other details in next blog. Happy to receive your feedback if any.

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