Announcing Open Source Virtualization India meetup group

We are glad to announce the Opensource Virtualization India meetup group!! Its been long time we are answering/discussing virt related queries via emails or irc, so the effort to bring virtualizers under one group.

This is a forum which discuss about various opensource Llinux virtualization technologies like Xen, KVM, Ovirt..and the friends libvirt, virt-manager..etc

If you would like to be part of it, please join

We have scheduled 3 meetups ( Bangalore, Pune, Aurangabad) for near future, yet to decide the exact dates though.

Pune – Organizer: Anil Vettathu

Aurangabad – Organizer: Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare

Please let me know if you would like to volunteer for any of the meetups in your area.

** Welcome Virtualizers!! **

ovirt – docker integration !!

Previously Oved had published a blog post about the same topic and Today I noticed this presentation from Federico and surprised to see the current status of this attempt!! things are really fast and promising!

[gview file=””]

[Ovirt] List VMs with its IP addresses, NIC details..etc using python/ovirt-sdk [Part 4]

Its a common use that we want to know the VM Ips and other NIC card details in an ovirt setup .. Most of the time if you got to know the VM IPs its pretty easy to manage those vms or pulling some data out of it.
Here is an example program which can be used to list the nic details, ip address ..etc of ovirt VMs.

Please note that you need guest agent package installed in the Vm to correctly fetch VMs ips.
Below program version may be not properly intended, so download the program from github ..

The Sample output would like this:

[ovirt] Find out hosts and clusters where vm is running. its status, ids, storage domain details in an ovirt dc with python/ovirt-sdk [part 3]

This program can be used to fetch information about :

Storage domains
Data center..
in an ovirt dc. You will have “component” name, id , state along with other information.

The program can be downloaded from github

How-ever here it is without proper indentation.

the output will look like this:

Again , let me know your feedback..

Ovirt- List Datacenter, hypervisors/host,vms in an ovirt DC with its name,status,id..etc using python/ovirt-sdk [Part 2]

Its a common use that, fetching Data center, hypervisors and VMs status in a ovirt Dc periodically.. Instead of connecting to OVirt GUI ( web admin portal) and seeing its status, you can automate this task via a python script. I wrote a program to just fetch the name & its status in a DC using python sdk.

Please download the program from github as below indentation is broken..

The output will look like this:

Hope this will help someone.. Please let me know your feedback..

Ovirt : How to shutdown/stop or start virtual machines (VMs) in ovirt DC automatically using python/ovirt- sdk ? [Part 1]

Recently I got a request to provide a python program to shutdown all the vms in ovirt DC using python-sdk and also to start Vms in the DC. Below program is submitted as a quick solution.. Sharing it here hoping it will help you.

To shutdown all the VMs in a ovirt Data Center, you can try below program called ‘’ . You need to configure below parameters in the program depending on your setup :

Programs can be downloaded from here .

Here is the copy of the program:

Another program ( almost replica) is available for ‘start’ vms ( ) as well.. You can download it from

If you execute any of above program, the console output may look like this:

As you can see above, the program logged better inside ‘/tmp/start_vms_dc.log’