Configure/install Swift and Gluster-Swift on a RHEL/CentOS system

Here is step by step guide which helps you to configure/install Swift and Gluster-Swift on a RHEL system.


Install EPEL repo:

Install Openstack Repo:

Install glusterfs Repo:

Check if EPEL, glusterfs, and Openstack repos have been installed correctly:

Install Openstack Swift

Install gluster-swift from latest builds here: As of now, RHEL6 RPMs are available only for grizzly version. We can just go ahead and use fedora builds for now. Alternatively, you can get the gluster-swift source code and run in RHEL box.

The –nodeps option is mentioned as gluster-swift has hardcoded dependency on swift 1.9.1 Installing glusterfs

To perform the following tasks:

Create volumes and start Copy and rename conf files in /etc/swift Generate ring files

Follow the Quick Start Guide here :

Troubleshooting If you have python-jinja2 as missing dependency, you can install python-jinja2 from here:

yum install If you are unable to find mkfs.xfs command, you’ll have to install xfsprogs package from here: If the logs in /var/log/httpd contain [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED,

you need to set selinux to permissive or disabled by editing /ets/sysconfig/selinux and verify by running: getenforce

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