Convert NFS Master Data domain to export domain in a crashed RHEVM/OVIRT setup

When browsing through my laptop filesystem, I noticed one of the scripts which I used in past to convert a data domain to export domain to get my VMs back from a rhevm crashed instance.. Please note that, I had only one master domain in a NFS DC.

My NFS master data domain metadata had entries similar to this :

Here is the script I was referring above.. ( More enhancement needed for the script though)


Now ‘’ requires 3 args

1) input file which contains master data domain metadata
2) output file name where you want to store converted export domain metadata
3) NFS export path which going to be the export domain storage

For ex:

[ Desktop]$ ./ master_dom_metadata expot_metadata

After successful execution of above, the expot_metadata can be found similar to:

By replacing the export domain metadata with generated content , you should be able to ‘import’ previous data domain as an export domain in RHEV/Ovirt setup..

*** Disclaimer ***

Above procedure can be tried when there is no other recovery is possible. Also, this article is generated with my testing. No guarantee it will work for you. 🙂


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