DEMO: oVirt – GlusterFS Native Integration ( ! POSIXFS ) for KVM Virtualization

As I pointed out in  previous posts, ovirt  allows you to create a storage domain from glusterfs and help you to store virtual machines on it.. Till now in ovirt , the glusterfs or any other posixfs file system was used to store virtual machines by creating a storage domain selecting ‘VFS TYPE’ as ‘posixfs’. Even-though, it allows you to add any posixfs filesystems to host vms on it, it may contribute bit of performance overhead.. The direct integration of ‘glusterfs’ with ‘qemu’ avoid this performance overhead [1] . This has been received by ovirt [2] and below demo video will show you how to configure ‘glusterfs’ storage domain and make use of direct/native integration of qemu – glusterfs backend.



Please check this demo  video from Deepak  ..

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