Docker -> fedora -> gluster .. Run gluster containers using docker … [part 1]

Everyone is talking about “docker” nowadays. I heard it can make life easier for a developer or sysadmin. If that is the case, we should try it 🙂

What is docker and how it works can be fetched from
I was trying to explore docker and was trying to integrate it with gluster.. As part of the project [1], I created an image which is based on fedora 20 : The image has glusterfs packages installed and has a working ssh daemon..

If I need to run a glusterfs cluster based on fedora 20 , I just have to pull the image from centralized docker repo and fire a command.. And it’s ready and available to play with.

Check if the docker daemon is running:

If you don’t have docker installed, install docker packages according to the distribution (Fedora, CentOS, RHEL have docker binary in “docker-io” package).

Docker command provides many options to control containers, its images and much more.

For example:

For this lab, we need few commands like “search” , “pull”, “run”, “ps”..etc..

As of now, I can see there are 4 images available with tag “gluster”.
Let me pull one image, obviously I will try humble/fed20-gluster 🙂

Docker pulled this image repository and image is available with ID : “764261ddfd16″

I am starting a container using the image 764261ddfd16

It executed successfully and we have a running container with name “fedora20-gluster”.

This newly started container can be listed as shown below:

‘inspect’ option in docker command provides detailed information about the container as shown below.
We are interested in the IPAddress of this container. We can locate it by the container ID ’59e9fea21d94′.

More verbose way to display other information:

Ok… Now we know that ip address of the container is
Lets try to connect to the container via ssh:

[1] incubating project:

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