[Gluster-Block] Provision Gluster Block Volumes In Kubernetes/Openshift – ( Part 1)

Voila…. Its almost a couple of years GlusterFS keep rocking in Container Storage Space which brought the buzz word “Container Native Storage” to the emerging market!!

If you dont know about what I mean by “Container Native Storage” , check out this link

GlusterFS was one of the plugin in kubernetes tree which implemented Dynamic provisioning of storage at very very early ( Kube v1.4 ) stage which was a killer feature in Kube Storage Space. Since then many users are using this feature and also using the complete bundle ( gluster-kubernetes) as their container native storage solution. If I put “Container Native Storage” in a single line , it is about running gluster containers in kubernetes or openshift setup which provides storage to the application pods/containers.

While gluster keep providing File Storage to many applications and in form of “ReadWriteMany” we were also experimenting with Gluster’s Block feature, surprised when you heard “Block”? Yeah, gluster has the capabilty of providing block storage!!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Gluster Block functionality got integrated into kubernetes and Openshift? Indeed and there we are.

If you like to read about end-2-end design of Gluster-Block integration story and its internal mechanism please read it here.

In an overall picture it looks like this.

Now you got some idea about the design, but may be you are interested to see it in action, below video demonstrates how to provision Gluster Block Volumes in Kubernetes/Openshift.

I will write more articles about how this can be configured and each components in detail later.

As always please pass your suggestions/feedback/comments.

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