[Gluster Dynamic Provisioner ] “glusterfs: failed to get endpoints..” , Do I need to create an endpont/service ?

Let me give more details about the endpoints or service wrt GlusterFS plugin in Kubernetes or Openshift. GlusterFS plugin is designed in such a way that it need a mandatory parameter ‘endpoint’ in its spec. Endpoint is same instance of api.endpoint in kube/openshift, ie it need IP addresses. In gluster plugin, we carry IP address of gluster nodes in the endpoint. When we manually create a PV we also need to create an endpoint and a headless service for the PV. I could call this state as ‘static provisioning’. This is tedious, as admin want to fetch the nodes and then create endpoints and keep it for the developer/user. We also heard same concern from community users about the difficulty of creating endpoints in each namespace where we want to run the app pods which use the gluster PVs. At the same time, there was some user reports where they liked the isolation it brings.

We tried to avoid this dependency of endpoints and thought about different designs to overcome this. It was bit difficult due to reasons like backward compatibility, security concerns..etc. But when we introduced dynamic provisioning of Gluster PVs which is available from Kube 1.4 version or from Openshift 3.4 version, this situation has changed. It is no longer a pain for admin to create an endpoint/service based on the volume which just got created. The dynamic provisioner will create the endpoint and service automatically based on the cluster where the volume is created.

The entire workflow has been made easy from user/admin point of view. The endpoint and service will be created in PVC namespace. If a user want to make use of this PVC in his application pod, the endpoint/service has to be in this namespace which is available with dynamic provisioning without any extra effort. In short, user/developer dont have to worry about the PV which should have the mention of endpoint.

I hope this helps.

Please let me know if you need more details on this or any comments on this..

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