GlusterFS Bangalore Workshop

An introductory workshop on GlusterFS was held at Red Hat, Bangalore office ( ) on 31st October. Around 15 people turned up for the event. There were admins, DevOps and a few developers. As requested on the meetup page, the participants had turned up with their laptops to experience the awesomeness of Gluster!!

We started with a self introduction. Then CentOS VM images containing pre-installed gluster packages were distributed. While the participants were deploying VM images, a brief introductory talk on GlusterFS was held. Prashanth Pai explained basic Gluster terminologies, various types of volumes, replication, geo-replication etc.


This was followed by a basic demo by Poornima which taught the participants to create a cluster, create different types of volumes, mount volumes etc.


Few participants were keen on using GlusterFS volumes over NFS and also in other cloud use-cases such as setting up GlusterFS + NFS HA cluster in AWS deployment. Further, Aravinda explained the advantages of using geo-replication for async replication.


The workshop was overall well received and we were glad to receive requests to conduct more GlusterFS Workshops!! You can read some feedback about this event here. Thanks to all speakers & attendees.


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