GlusterFS Containers with Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift

Thought of sharing consolidated news on GlusterFS containers efforts here. Below is the snip of the email which I sent few days back to gluster-users and gluster-devel mailing list. Hope it gives a summary, if not please let me know.

I would like to provide you a status update on the developments with GlusterFS containers and its presence in projects like docker, kubernetes and Openshift.

We have containerized GlusterFS with base image of CentOS and Fedora and its available at Docker Hub[1] to consume.

The Dockerfile of the Image can be found at github[2].

You can pull the image with

# docker pull gluster/gluster-centos
# docker pull gluster/gluster-fedora

The exact steps to be followed to run GlusterFS container is mentioned here[3].

We can deploy GlusterFS pods in Kubernetes Environment and an example blog about this setup can be found here [4].

There is GlusterFS volume plugin available in Kubernetes and openshift v3 which provides Persistent Volume
to the containers in the Environment, How to use GlusterFS containers for Persistent Volume and Persistent Volume Claim in Openshift has been recorded at [5].


Please let us know if you have any comments/suggestions/feedback.

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