How Power Management/ fencing works on RHEV

Most of the people think that, RHEV-Manager (RHEV-M) fence the hypervisor which cause confusion when they chase down power management problems in RHEV.

First of all, Let me clarify that , the power management or fencing action is executed by another hypervisor or other active host in the same cluster. It is not the RHEV-M execute fencing in RHEV context . I have seen people chase fence issues by checking the connectivity from

RHEV-Manager —-> RHEV-Hypervisor


You have to check, the fence device of the problematic hypervisor is reachable from all the active hypervisors of the cluster and NOT from the RHEV-Manager.

RHEV-M will trigger the fencing action, that said, it will send the JOB to any of the hypervisors which is random.

Even this is the same case , when you click on “TEST” button in Power Management Configuration from RHEV-M GUI.

So keep in mind and chase down.

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