How to access/retrieve guest data from host system in kvm?

Earlier it was bit difficult to access data from guest image as it required serious attention on the process. But today it is much much easier using ‘guestmount’ binary. Thanks to libguestfs & fuse. Below snip from my Fedora system will prove my words..

[root@humbles-lap /]# which guestmount
[root@humbles-lap /]# rpm -qf /usr/bin/guestmount

I picked below guest and its image for experiment..

Now mnt has guest data..

To unmount use below command..

[root@humbles-lap /]# fusermount -u /mnt/
[root@humbles-lap /]# mount |grep mnt
[root@humbles-lap /]#

Thats it. How-ever go for man guestmount for more details..


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