How to detect a guest system ? Or how to detect which virtualization technology is used by "virt-what" command ?

What is ‘virt-what’ and how is it useful ?

Quite often people come to me with a question “how can we know which virtualization hypervisor is used for this guest “?

Previously I used to point out couple of options (dmidecode..etc) to check whether it is a Xen guest or kvm guest ..etc. but now we have a utility which can be used to identify the hypervisor without much effort. The utility is called “virt-what” .. It is shipped with most of the distributions now. Lets see what this utiltiy does ..

Below is the snip from my F14 system:

It says it is a KVM guest..

Now, try this in your environment and see what is the output ..

Lets meet in next blog.. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any..

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