How to know progress of "dd" command

“dd” command will perform its operation without spitting any thing to console till end.. It is bit annoying as we dont know how “dd” is progressing in the bg.

It is better if we can get statics with “dd”.. Is it possible ? Yes, it is ..

You can use below command to know the progress of dd command..

#kill -USR1 pidofdd

Below snip will show you this:

[hchiramm@humbles-lap ~]$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null bs=1G count=3000

No outputs..

Now in another terminal , I did :

[hchiramm@humbles-lap ~]$ pidof dd
[hchiramm@humbles-lap ~]$ kill -USR1 5100

It showed below output in first terminal..

29+1 records in
29+0 records out
31138512896 bytes (31 GB) copied, 6.85328 s, 4.5 GB/s

I continued to pass “USR1” to the same and I got below output..

53+2 records in
53+1 records out
57647841280 bytes (58 GB) copied, 12.1197 s, 4.8 GB/s
84+3 records in
84+2 records out
91003170816 bytes (91 GB) copied, 19.1357 s, 4.8 GB/s
^C98+4 records in
98+3 records out
107056386048 bytes (107 GB) copied, 22.2623 s, 4.8 GB/s

Try it if you want.. 🙂

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