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My name is Humble Devassy Chirammal and I am a Software Developer..

Till 2012, I was responsible for maintaining Virtualization
at Red Hat Software Services Pvt.Ltd in Pune, India, but now time changed, my responsibility too 🙂 .
Currently I am working on GlusterFS ,
an open source, distributed file system project from Red Hat.

I have extraordinary passion on Open Source technology.

I consider the certification ( Red Hat Certified Engineer in RHEL 4) as an addon to my tech life.

Undergone RH 442 ( Performance & tuning) , RH436 ( Cluster & Storage),
RH 318 ( RH Virtualization Architect), RH210 ( RH certificate of expertise in
infrastructure as a service ) ..

I know something about “Assembly”, “x86 arch”, “C”, “Go”, “python”, “bash” etc.

I love linux kernel for its smart implementation.

I have worked on technologies like Cluster, Storage etc. how-ever I have
mainly put my finger on virtualization.

Oh yeah mainly KVM,thus its variant ovirt/RHEV, but I know the word “Xen”.

I enjoy playing with debuggers like gdb, crash..etc..

Since 2014, I started to experiment more on Containers and Its emerging technology stack. As an effect, I now contribute to Kubernetes.

I have been in the field for nearly 10 years, and have been loving every minute of it.

I am a blogger, developer, and creative thinker.

I’m always looking forward to living life to the fullest by constantly learning new things,
so as to improve myself.

I created this site to share with you some hints, tools and techniques chiefly related to
Linux systems, kernel, assembly language, C programs and other scripting languages such as
python, bash…etc.

I would love to blog in view of both developer and sysadmin.

I am documenting these topics during my free time, though many of the
published information are still in active development and/or incomplete.

Away from work, I’m a husband, a brother, a sports man, a tech nerd, a vibrant
dancer and a soulful singer.

This is my personal blog. All opinions written are my own and do not necessarily
reflect the views and opinions of my readers or employer.

If you spot something that’s incorrect or confusing, please write a comment and let me know.
Drop me a line, if there’s something you want to know more about, I’ll do my best to write a post on the topic.

Finally, I am here to spread Linux & Open Source..

[2016] I dispatched my knowledge on Virtualization by becoming author of “Mastering KVM virtualization” which landed as a first book on KVM and the components ( libvirt, Qemu..et) around it !!!


Good luck browsing!

Let me know you visited my space by a comment, feel free to share the contents, if it can help other one or your friends.


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