Install bit torrent client ( transmission) for fedora ..

Friday or drive by post here 🙂

How to install and use bit torrent clients in fedora? its as simple as that: You need to install ‘transmission’ package to get bit torrent client for fedora.
Once you installed it, bit torrent client is ready to use for torrent action. You can either use ‘transmission” cli or GUI mode.

‘transmission-cli-2.80-2.fc19.x86_64’ provides ‘cli’ version of torrent client.

You can use above switches of the binary for torrent actions.

If you are interested in graphical utility of torrent client , its provided by ‘transmission-gtk-2.77-3.fc19.x86_64’ package :

You can either run :


or download ‘torrent’ file, then open it with ‘transmission’ :

You are done..

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