Install Fully virtualized guest on an ITANIUM system

To install a fully virtualized guest on an Itanium Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, first ensure that “xen-ia64-guest-firmware” package is installed on the host.

After creating the guest, either through virt-manager or using virt-install, the guest will present an EFI shell. In order to begin the installation, enter mount fs0. This will make files available to the guest virtual machine which are necessary to commence the installation.

Next, enter fs0: to switch to that device, then bootia64.efi to start ELILO. Finally, hit enter at the ELILO prompt to begin the installation of the guest operating system.

Below is the step by step ( with screen-shots) process, I followed for the same .

* Login to the XEN ( IA 64 ) server.

Run virt-manager

* Create new Virtual Machine “Click on New

* Select a name Ex–> test-fv-on-IA64

* Choose a Virtualization method

* Choose Installation method Select – Network boot (PXE), Select OS Type and Variant. Here I selected “ISO image location” , OS type as “Linux” and “OS variant as “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5”.

* Assign Storage Space
Select – “Simple File”
Edit File Location and specify it like /var/lib/xen/images/test-fv-on-IA64.img
Select Size – Ex:- 4000 MB

* Specify Network Please select – Virtual Network

* Allocate memory and CPU –

* Summary

* Now you will be directed to EFI shell

* Here you need to type the command “mount fs0”

* Then exeute the command “fs0:” and check the directory contents by the command “dir” as shown in the below attachment.

* now type the command “bootia64.efi” as shown and press “ENTER” key.

* Thats it !!

Now a FULLY virtualized system is ready for you to play

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