ISCSI multipath support in Kubernetes (v1.6) or Openshift.

Multipathing is an important feature in most of the storage setups, so for ISCSI based storage systems.
In most of the ISCSI based storages, multiple paths can be defined as, same IQN shared with more than one portal IPs.
Even if one of the network interface/portal is down, the share/target can be accessed via other active interfaces/portals.
This is indeed a good feature considering I/O from ISCSI initiator to Target.
However the ISCSI plugin in kubernetes was not capable of making use of multipath feature and it
was always just one path configured default in kubernetes. If that path goes down, the target can not be accessed.

Recently I added multipath support to ISCSI kubernetes plugin with this Pull Request.

With this functionality, a kubernetes user/admin can specify the other Target Portal IPs in a new field called portals in ISCSI voulme. Thats the only change required from admin side. If there are mulitple portals, admin can mention these additional target portals in portals field as shown below.

The new structure will look like this.

If you are directly using above volume definition in POD spec, your pod spec may look like this.

Once the pod is up and running, you could check and verify below outputs from the Kubernetes Host where the pod is running:

ISCSI session looks like below:

The device paths:

I believe, this is a nice feature added to Kubernetes ISCSI storage. Please let me know your comments/feedback/suggestions on this.

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