The service called libvirt-guests are not familiar to most of the guys..This service has been provided by libvirt-client package.

This service is on in 3,4,5 runlevels by default as you can see below :

# Provides: libvirt-guests
# Required-Start: libvirtd
# Required-Stop: libvirtd
# Default-Start: 3 4 5

This is the service which is responsible for suspending active libvirt guests on shutdown and resuming them on next boot.

This got a configuration file , /etc/sysconfig/libvirt-guests where you can specify some options to change the default settings.

# action taken on host boot
# – start all guests which were running on shutdown are started on boot
# regardless on their autostart settings
# – ignore libvirt-guests init script won’t start any guest on boot, however,
# guests marked as autostart will still be automatically started by
# libvirtd

# action taken on host shutdown
# – suspend all running guests are suspended using virsh managedsave
# – shutdown all running guests are asked to shutdown. Please be careful with
# this settings since there is no way to distinguish between a
# guest which is stuck or ignores shutdown requests and a guest
# which just needs a long time to shutdown. When setting
# ON_SHUTDOWN=shutdown, you must also set SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT to a
# value suitable for your guests.

# number of seconds we’re willing to wait for a guest to shut down

I dont have much to write about this service.. I blogged this topic as this is a hidden thing for most of people.

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