Managing gluster from ovirt !

In past weeks, I received some queries on gluster and ovirt integration .. People are seriously looking for its integration or details on , whats there now and where its moving.. I informed them about the work being done on this area, how-ever before I get more queries on this , I thought, I will share the available information here, which will effectively save my time 🙂 ..

Instead of writing those bits here, why can’t I directly point the video carved from Shireesh’s talk on FOSS.IN  ?

I know above video gave you good understanding on the features in this area.   Any way, consider below urls as well

from ovirt wiki

from gluster wiki

If you are interested to listen more on this topic, keep an eye on  upcoming talk on this subject.

Shoot your queries here as comments , I will make sure it will be answered!!




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