Me @ FOSDEM 2016

An amazing event! This year’s FOSDEM ( ) was held at Brussels. It was my first experience to meet more than 5000+ hackers at one venue where almost everyone is passionate about opensource. I would say its not just developers but also DevOps, Testers, System Administrators, Security groups and many more. I was surprised to see some opensource families at the venue. I was responsible for the Gluster booth at FOSDEM along with Kaushal. We also had help from Amye (@Amye),Neils (@nixpanic) and Kaleb. Kaushal has already blogged about this event here. I was really happy to get feedback about GlusterFS, and also to interact with Gluster users who are part of the vibrant Gluster community. Got a chance to talk with many users and most of the feedback is captured in Kaushal’s blog. However let me summarize what I heard from this awesome crowd.

*) Many have deployed Gluster at a smaller scale and they seem to be really happy with the way GlusterFS has been fulfilling their requirements. Nearly half of them are still running older versions of GlusterFS. I tried to convince them to move/upgrade to later versions to get further improvements in features and bug fixes.

*) Gluster has lot of deployments with Ovirt as Gluster is the right fit for VM store use case. Although it works perfectly for most of the users, some did face the issue of split brain at times. To address this concern, Gluster developer community has come up with this innovative solution called as the ‘arbitrator’. Users wanted to know more details about this feature. I managed to give an overview of the same and promised a blog post about this feature shared across ovirt and Gluster community. We will blog about it soon.

*) Containers and Gluster also garnered much interest. As of today, Gluster is containerized. I could answer all these queries as I am currently working on it. I have written a few blog posts [1] about it and felt good to share it with them. You can read about it here: [Building Gluster Containers] , GlusterFS cluster in kubernetes

*) “Wow Gluster logo is so cool, let me grab it”. Yes the logo is cool, so is Gluster. Many wanted to know the story behind the Gluster logo. We tried our best to make up a story in an opensource way 😛


*) Some were curious about the new ‘sharding’ feature which is available in Gluster today.

*) Many users who have never used GlusterFS wanted to try it after hearing an overview about Gluster. They are always welcome to Gluster community.

*) We also had some queries from the other projects like OpenMandriva, DRLM, BareOS ..etc. Indeed it was good to meet them and discuss integration possibilities.

*) “Gluster Documentation has improved a lot recently”. Yes, it is and we will keep improving it. I was really happy to hear this, being one of the persons behind this task.

*) Few users also praised about the ease of deploying Gluster compared to other storage projects.

Finally, I was surprised to hear that there are people who use Gluster for Email and Database workloads and that it is working out really well for them!

Catching up with friends is always an addon when you attend a conference, FOSDEM gave me a great opportunity !
Thanks Red Hat for sponsoring my trip to FOSDEM. I am sure I wont miss FOSDEM 2017 😛

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