Possible configurations of GlusterFS in Kubernetes/OpenShift setup

In previous blog posts we discussed, how to use GlusterFS as a persistent storage in Kubernetes and Openshift. In nutshell, the GlusterFS can be deployed/used in a kubernetes/openshift environment as :

*) Contenarized GlusterFS ( Pod )
*) GlusterFS as Openshift service and Endpoint (Service and Endpoint).
*) GlusterFS volume as Persistent Volume (PV) and using GlusterFS volume plugin to bind this PV to a Persistent Volume Claim ( PVC)
*) GlusterFS template to deploy GlusterFS pods in an Openshift Environment.

All the configuration files that can be used to deploy GlusterFS can be found @ github.com/humblec/glusterfs-kubernetes-openshift/ or github.com/gluster/glusterfs-kubernetes-openshift. Lets see how to use these files to deploy GlusterFS in kubernetes and Openshift. We will start with Deploying GlusterFS pods in an Openshift/Kubernetes Environment. Deploying GlusterFS Pod:

[Update] The pod file is renamed to gluster-pod.yaml in the mentioned repo. More details about Gluster Containers can be found @http://www.slideshare.net/HumbleChirammal/gluster-containers

GlusterFS pods can be deployed in Kubernetes/Openshift, so that Gluster Nodes are deployed in containers and it can provide persistent storage for Openshift/Kubernetes setup. The examples files in this repo are used for this demo.

Step 1: Create GlusterFS pod

Step 2: Get details about the GlusterFS pod.

From above logs, you can see it pulled gluster/gluster-centos container image and deployed containers from it.

Examine the container and make sure it has a running GlusterFS daemon.

In this article we discussed, how to run GlusterFS as a pod in Kubernetes or Openshift setup.
[Part 2] covers how to use GlusterFS as a service, Persistent Volume for a Persistent Volume Claim.
[Part 3] covers how to use GlusterFS template to deploy GlusterFS pods in an Openshift/kubernetes setup.

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