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Pycon 2013 India conference was held on Aug 30,31 & Sep 1st in Bangalore . This is the 5th year of PyCON India, conference was attended by more than 1100 or I would say Bangalore was filled with python enthusiasts 🙂 . The keynotes, sessions, workshops and panel discussion (on Python in education) were good . Glad to be part of it.

Personally I met lots of my friends in this event – for me, it was ‘two for one’ .

Without much introduction, let me show you the sessions :

Panel Discussion : :

What do you think about embedding python programming in education? how to do that ? possibilities ? Struggles ? when to apply it and how ..etc..etc..

Nothing much to write here, just listen to them..

The Paradox of Code: Asset vs. Liability (Keynote from Kiran Jonnalagadda):

Kiran discussed about Functionality Vs Coding, Maintenance cost of your project, how a good programmer should be. The path to that, open sourcing your project..etc..

Python for humans :

keynote from Kenneth Reitz on some of the best practices of ‘open source’ project handling, otherway ‘Do’s or ‘Donts’ of it. I believe, it will help everyone on gathering tips about how to make your community happy and a fruitful project at end, you just need to follow these notes…

Python in RaspberyPi :

One of the best sessions of pycon 2013. Programming Raspberry Pi with python . I never thought, its that simple as that. After this session, I really got an interest to get a Raspberry Pi in my collection. In this session, ‘Sudar’ showed programming GPIO of Raspberry with python. Please watch it guys, its worth 🙂

Building fast python with zeroMq: One of the sessions which caught my attention 🙂 . ‘zeromq’ looks really cool to implement a messaging queue. I put it on ‘todo’ as soon the session was over.

The list goes … but ‘goodies’ remain with me.. 🙂

Building skynet:

Chugging Flask

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