Smooth upgrade from fedora 18 to fedora 19 !

I always failed to do a streaming update from earlier versions of fedora, but not this time. That said, I had fedora 18 version installed in my system and planned to upgrade to latest verison of fedora 19 named “Fedora release 19 (Schrödinger’s Cat) ” 🙂

Without much intro, let me share the steps I followed here:

1) If you have any other repositories configured ( inside /etc/yum.repos.d) other than fedora repos , please disable others. It may not be necessary, but I did that to make my upgrade smooth.

2)Then make sure you are running latest version of ‘yum’ and ‘rpm’ in your system.

Make sure it via:

2) Once its done, update all the packages and make sure you are running latest version of fedora 18 packages in your system : This is a must process.

3) Lets clear the “cache” by running

Now you may be running the older version of fedora 18 kernel in your system: lets boot the system into the latest kernel. If you are already with the latest its fine.

4) Once you are back with the latest kernel, you need to install the package called ‘fedup’

Above excerpt give required info about the tool.

Once its installed there is a binary called , ‘fedup-cli’ and it got below options with it:

Location to search for upgrade data.

We are going to use ‘–network’ option with it:

Now it will perform Step [1] steps as mentioned above:

Then it will instruct you to reboot the system :

Once you are in grub menu , you will be provided with the option of “fedup-upgrade” menu , select it, so that it will perform the Step [2] part of it which is the actual upgrade process and you can go for ‘dinner’ 🙂

Upon completion of Step [3] the system will be rebooted and once you login :

You may see something like this :

Let me know how smooth it was for you 🙂

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