How to assign scsi disk to KVM guest using virt-manager


In this blog I will discuss how to assign a scsi disk to a KVM guest .. In past it was not supported , but this feature is available now. I am using Fedora 14 in my system.

I will guide you through step by step process with the help of screen-shots.

1) Once you made sure that “kvm” modules are loaded in the system, open virt-manager .

2) Then “select” the VM where you want to add the disk

3) After highlighting that VM in virt-manager window, click on “EDIT” tab at the top and then click on “Virtualmachine Details”

4) Now click on “ADD HARDWARE” in Virtual Machine details, then select “Storage” , follow as shown in screen-shot.

5) As you can see in the last screen-shot, the disk has been identified in guest as scsi disk “sda”

Thats it .. 🙂