Understand Quota in Ovirt ( /RHEV ) 3.1

Day by day, Ovirt is embedded with new features which make Ovirt an awesome piece of software …

Ovirt 3.1 has added  a new feature called ‘QUOTA’,

quota new feature which enhance Ovirt/ RHEV project with its 3.1 version. It is really handy when you have to define acls for your setup.  Better usage of the available resource in an IT infrastructure is an inevitable thing.

Understanding quotas and using it in your setup is an easy process.

Quota can be operated in any of the 3 modes.

1) Disabled

2) Audit

3) Enabled

I am sure below video urls and other references will take u there.. Njoy!!

Configure quota in web admin portal.

Use quota in user portal..

Let me know if you have any queries on this feature..

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