virt-install –cpuset=auto



The option “virt-install –cpuset=auto ( with other switches)” can be used to pin physical cpus for the guest cpus. This option is really useful when “numa” capable host system is in use. So that you dont need to select host cpus to pin for guest cpus. The utility “virt-install” will form the optimal configuration when ‘auto’ is specified.


–snip– from man page.


. –cpuset=CPUSET Set which physical cpus the guest can use. “CPUSET” is a comma separated list of numbers, which can also be specified in ranges or cpus to exclude. Example: 0,2,3,5 : Use processors 0,2,3 and 5 1-5,^3,8 : Use processors 1,2,4,5 and 8 If the value ‘auto’ is passed, virt-install attempts to automatically determine an optimal cpu pinning using NUMA data, if available.




If you would like to see your NUMA” topology of your HOST system using “virsh” commands, you can use #virsh capabilities


Specifically the contents in between ‘topology’ codes:








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