virt-manager hangs on ‘searching for available hypervisors’ window and not able to cancel it ?

Ah… I would say it ruined my day 🙂

I updated my fedora system from fedora 18 to 19 as mentioned in my previous post ( ) and was trying to play with VMs via virt-manager.

How-ever virt-manager showed a window with title ‘Searching for available hypervisors’ and keep showing it indefinitely. I waited for some time and realized its stuck and not going to give me a result.

I knew something is going wrong and decided to fetch it..

How would you troubleshoot ? any way, I had virt-manager upstream repo cloned in my system and realized things are easy when you look at the code.

It was not that tough to find out, its going wrong with the ‘packageKit’ lookup. Knowing only ‘yum’ process can talk to only one, I came to know its the root cause.

To prove it , I tried ‘ps’ command and noticed there is a ‘yum’ process already running .

Ahhhhhhhhh.. Then obviously my next step was to ‘kill this process’..

That did the trick! Once the above process is killed , virt-manager progressed from the ‘problematic’ window.

I had also noticed, when I tried to click on ‘cancel’ button, virt-manager didnt respect it. No effect at all.

So, obviously there is a bug and a possibility of a better user notification.

So, I decided to file a bug and propose patches for both.

Just before filing bug, I did a random search on this behaviour , my luck , I noticed a similar bug report from F-16 time and a recent update on the bugzilla saying some one faced the issue in F-19 as well.

You can read the same report at:

Comment 5,6,7 in the above bugzilla made my evening .. :)..

Now, let me wait for Cole to revert on this. At-least for now, you have a work around of killing ‘running yum process’ to progress further..


Cole is back with valid points and you can track it in & c#10

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