virtual-storage-console-for-rhev ?? 20 G thick allocated 20 VMs creation in 3min 18 seconds ??

A new feature framework have been added to RHEV 3.2 which allows other vendors to add/integrate new features into RHEV :


New Third-Party Plug-ins
A key feature in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2 is the availability of a new third-party plug-in framework. Developed through community and vendor collaboration and contributions, the plug-in framework enables third parties to integrate new features and actions directly into the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization management user interface. New menu items, panes, and dialog boxes allow users to access the new functionality the same way they use Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization’s native functionality. The framework continues to evolve based on vendor and community requests, and any vendor may choose to consume the plug-in framework and add unique functionality to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

Red Hat is already collaborating with several industry leaders to integrate their solutions with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization via the new plug-in, including high availability and disaster recovery solutions from NetApp, Symantec, and Insight Control from HP:

  • NetApp: Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization helps improve efficiency while reducing cost and complexity in virtual environments using NetApp storage. VSC provides integrated virtual storage management, including rapid domain provisioning and cloning of hundreds of virtual machines, while enabling Red Hat administrators to access and execute all of these capabilities using the standard Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization management interface NetApp is now accepting applications for the VSC for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization beta.



If you have gone through the Red Hat Summit presentations, there exist one called ‘virtual storage console for RHEV’ where Jon Benedict demonstrated about a new feature ‘vsc’  which is mentioned above .. It was amazing to see ’20G’ thick allocated  20 VMs were created in ~3 min as shown in his demo.


Please check this blog for more information on this feature .


Demo url :


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