what is virt-v2v ? How to use it and troubleshoot issues ?

Virt-v2v is a tool provided from Red Hat to convert guests from foreign hypervisors ( Xen, VMware..etc) to KVM. This turning out to be mostly used tool nowadays. When it deals with lots of operations, also with different hypervisor stack there can be issues. How-ever having more idea about the issue you are facing , may help you to solve your issue at the earliest.

How to use virt-v2v to convert guests from Xen/VMware to KVM?

I dont want to repeat the steps which is very well documented under below URls.


There are mainly 2 sections:

1) Converting virtual machines to run on KVM Managed by libvirt

2) Converting Virtual Machines to Run on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization( RHEV)

If you are converting your foreign guests to KVM you may choose any one of the above ( may be both) accordingly.

As part of the conversion process, you may come across some issues . At that time please start troubleshooting it from your end with the help of below ENV variables.


After exporting above env variables, run “virt-v2v” command in the same shell. It will be really helpful for further troubleshooting of the issue.

NOTE:Above ‘env’ variables can produce hell lot of logs for the virt-v2v process, so use it accordingly.

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