Where are guest configuration files located in KVM

I know it is very very simple question, but  same time I know, if you dont know the answer, it is not simple to you.. That made me to blog this information here..

In Fedora/RHEL, the guest configuration files are located under location in context of KVM.

The XML files are stored under this directory in ‘name’ of the guest.

[root@humbles-lap qemu]# pwd


[root@humbles-lap qemu]#  ls

networks rhel5.4-x86_64-kvm_backup.xml rhel5.4-x86_64-kvm.xml RHEL-5.xml rhevh.xml Window-2008.xml 

[root@humbles-lap qemu]# cat rhel5.4-x86_64-kvm.xml |head -n 2

<domain type='kvm'>
[root@humbles-lap qemu]#




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  1. Small information on, how to load CDROM device for your guest?

    Looking at the screen tiynrg to load windows, click on the View/Details menu. The info-box will pop-up in Overview mode. Click on the Hardware tab. Now, click on the +Add button. In the new info-box, select Storage device on the drop down, then click Forward. In the new window, select Normal Disk Partition. In the Partition field enter /dev/cdrom or /dev/cdrw, or whatever is the appropriate device location for you CD drive. In Device type, select IDE, even if ite2€™s a SATA CD drive. Click Forward and voila! You might have to shutdown and restart the Windows session for it to recognize the CD but that should do it.

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